Gloom and Doom with Steve Rowell

Gloom and Doom with Steve Rowell

Gloom and Doom were dual street-level installations in Cincinnati’s Weston Art Gallery and the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC). Using readily-available consumer products, SIMPARCH dramatically intervened into the architecture of both buildings. Sound compositions, Tactile Air I &2, provided by Steve Rowell, combine sonic booms and captured audio streams from the early days of conflict in Baghdad, Iraq in March of 2003. The sonic booms were recorded in the Mojave Desert beneath R-2508 Special Use Airspace Complex that includes the R-2515 High Altitude Supersonic Corridor.



Gloom & Doom I, Tactile Air 1 – on VIMEO

Gloom & Doom II, Tactile Air 2 – on VIMEO